Authored by Björn Bartels

simple local proxy 2 pass thru VPN

to pass thru VPN connection from (dev-)host:

ex: open a VPN protected URL on (extra) mobile device to test an (web) application

  • first terminal tab/win -> "proxy config" :

    • save file proxy.pac to folder
    • in that folder execute: php -S -t ./
    • check if http://{YOUR_(W)LAN_IP}:8889/proxy.pac can be opened in your browser
  • second terminal tab/win -> "proxy socket" :

    • execute: ssh -N -g -D 8888 {YOUR_LOCAL_USERNAME}@
  • on your (mobile) device

    • go to your WLAN/network settings
    • set proxy config to 'automatic'
    • use http://{YOUR_(W)LAN_IP}:8889/proxy.pac for proxy URL
    • go to browser and open a VPN protected URL
  • to end proxy

    • reset your WLAN/network proxy settings
    • press CTRL-C in each terminal to end socket and config
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